Samsung Targets ‘Selfie’ Lovers With Super Thin Mirrorless Camera 0

Another rumor is in the bag. Last month’s leaked photos of the then rumored Samsung NX Mini were spot on. Officially announced by the Korean company today, the NX Mini comes with a similar 1-inch sensor found on the Nikon 1s and Sony RX100. With its 0.88-inch measurement, the NX Mini is among the thinnest in the market today. The slim shooter’s 180-degree flip-up display, Dropbox / Flickr uploading, and Wi-Fi capability are all designed to target the ‘selfie’ enthusiasts. The 20MP camera comes with two kit options: a 9mm f/3.5 (24mm-equivalent) lens and 9-27mm (24-73mm-equivalent) zoom lens with external flash. Prices are $449 and $549, respectively. A 17mm f/1.8 lens is expected this coming Spring. Color options are white, black, brown, mint green, and pink. Samsung is going to launch the NX Mini in April.

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