Samsung NX20 To Be Announced Next Month? 0

Cameras have been coming to us fast and furiously, from all different angles and from many different manufacturers.  While Nikon and Canon have been making major announcements, we haven’t heard much of Samsung other than the fact that they will be releasing a retro version of their NX200 and that they are, well, getting sued by Kodak.

Luckily, it seems that this hiatus may soon be coming to an end as recent reports have surfaced today regarding a Samsung announcement, potentially set for next month. This announcement focuses on none other than the Samsung NX20 – a mirrorless  camera whose shipments will reportedly start at some point in May.

Additionally, it’s also been said that Samsung may be coming forth to show off some brand new NX filters, lenses and flash units. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to officially confirm any of this as of now but February is just around the corner so stay tuned.