Samsung MV600F Compact Digital Camera Features Motion Controlled Shooting, WiFi & More 0

Due to the high level of saturation found in the world of compact digital cameras, it’s quite difficult for any one company to stand out. However, it seems that Samsung may be onto something with their recently announced MV900F.

At first blush this camera looks very similar to any ordinary compact digital camera we’ve already seen, and with good reason. The MV900F features specs very similar to such cameras including a 16.3-megapixel CMOS sensor, f/2.5 lens with 5x optical zoom and the ability to shoot full 1080p HD video. Also baked into the MV900F is a 3.3-inch touchscreen display with the ability to swivel 180-degrees and built-in WiFi¬†capabilities. These wireless capabilities allow users to pair their smartphone with the camera for use as a viewfinder – a very nifty addition that may come in handy.

While these features are largely similar to other cameras we’ve already seen, Samsung is adding in something that is quite unique; gesture controls. If you’re not familiar with gesture controls, think of the Xbox 360 Kinect which allows you to control on screen video game events using your body as a controller. But, of what use would this feature be to a camera? Well, when coupled with the swiveling 3.3-inch display, these gesture controls will allow users to easily take self portraits by moving their hands up and down and being able to zoom in by moving their hands in a circular motion. Of course, this¬†is a bit gimmicky and may not be something you find yourself using everyday but we very much appreciate the initiative Samsung is taking here to push out something truly innovative.

Despite these seemingly high tech features built into the MV900F Samsung has managed to maintain a reasonable price. According to the Korean electronics manufacturer their MV900F will be available come August in black, white, red or pink for $349. If this camera is something you’re really interested in head over to your favorite camera retailer and slap down a pre-order now.