Rune Guneriussen’s Shots of the Artificial in the Natural 0

There’s no doubt that what comprises the “world” varies from person to person. However, you can be certain that what people think of it is also what they can see in it: nature, trees, telephone poles–and books strewn all over the place?

Rune Guneriussen

If you happened to come across that last scene, then you might have just stumbled onto Norwegian photographer Rune Guneriussen‘s setup while he took photos for his latest series.

It’s a far cry from  Alexander Harding’s “Visible Light” where light, in all its simplicity and splendor, served as the subject.

For this project, Guneriussen strategically (and painstakingly) arranged various man-made objects like telephone units, lamps, illuminated globes, books, chairs, tables, and other fixtures in various locations. It almost looks as if the objects really belonged there in nature. Almost.

[Peta Pixel]