Rumors Run Rampant Over Super G Series Camera from Canon 0

Better late than never may be Canon’s feelings over the rumored decision to release a series of “Super G” cameras. Mirrorless cameras gained traction with the release of the Fuji X100. Highlights of the camera included HD 720p video capabilities, high speed contrast auto focus, switchable viewfinder and a fixed 35mm focal length.

The recent chatter over the Super G camera came after Valentin Sama of DSLR Magazine asserted on his blog that he had confirmation that Canon was indeed working on a mirrorless camera system. Canon is one of the only major camera manufacturers that do not have a mirorless camera available. Besides Fuji, mirorless releases have been offered by Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Sony and Kenko.

What could make a Super G series camera a viable competitor in the mirrorless camera market? A less bulky and compact body along with a fixed lens and large sensor outfitted on the camera.

For now, the Super G series from Canon is based only on speculation. No official announcement has come from Canon and no specs released.

[Photography Bay]