Rumor: Pentax K-3 to Debut at Photokina ’12 as ‘World’s Most Compact Full Frame’ 0

Scattered throughout the year are several different photography focused conferences that give us a look at new products to drool over. This September, as many of you are sure to know, Photokina will once again take place in Cologne, Germany. While products of all different shapes and sizes will surely make the cut, all fingers point towards full frame cameras making a big presence.

Nikon and Canon are two companies that have been focusing quite a bit on their full frame offerings with Pentax rumored to also be hopping on the bandwagon. According to these rumors, Photokina 2012 is where Pentax’s full frame K-3 shooter will make its official debut. Unfortunately there’s virtually no way for us to confirm this rumor but it does come complete with a bundle of allegedly leaked information.

pentax k-3

First and foremost, it’s been said that Pentax will be marketing the K-3 as the “world’s most compact full frame” and selling it for HK$22,000 which roughly translates to $2,800 USD. For those 2,800 bones, consumers can (supposedly) expect a bundle complete with an all new, never before seen lens kit, flash unit and battery grip. Under the hood, the Pentax K-3 will reportedly make use of Sony’s new 24 megapixel full frame sensor that will allegedly appear in both the Nikon D600 and Sony a99. Finally, if all pans out, the K-3 will become commercially available in March of 2013 in both black and silver.

Is any this to be believed? Again; we haven’t a clue. However, the fact that several of Pentax’s competitors have already touched on their full frame offerings makes it seem likely that the company will follow suit. Stay tuned as Photokina is set to go down in Cologne, Germany from September 18th through the 23rd.