RUMOR: Nikon Is Planning To Release Digital Version Of Nikonos 0

Do you love Nikon and underwater photography? If you do, then the recent rumor from Nikon Rumors is going to be music to your ears. According to the post, the camera company “is working on a ‘serious’ underwater compact camera.” And it’s not going to be a whole new line of camera or underwater camera housing as the source of the rumor said that it’s a “Nikonos-like” camera that can go down 60 to 100 feet of water.

Nikonos IVa

If you know your Nikon history, then you already know that the Nikonos is an underwater camera system launched during the 60’s and was discontinued in 2001.

Just like any rumor, there’s not a lot of details yet about Nikon’s “digital Nikonos”. PetaPixel’s D.L. Cade says, “Seeing as this is the first whispering of such a camera to reach the rumor mill, we don’t suggest getting your hopes up just yet.”

[PetaPixel via Nikon Rumors]

Featured image from Wikipedia by Rama