Rule of Thirds Keychain is a Photographer’s Best Friend 0

You probably already know what the Rule of Thirds is, but for the sake of being comprehensive here’s a quick refresher: The Rule of Thirds is a general guideline for composing images by aligning the subject along the lines or intersections of an imaginary grid that is divided into nine equal parts.

It might take a while to develop an eye for this technique and apply it without taking a few moments to assess your subject. This is why the Rule of Thirds keychain is a pretty neat idea, because you can use it as a guide when you compose your images.

Rule of Thirds Keychain

It saves you time, it helps you capture better images, and it helps you keep all your keys in one place so you won’t have to fish around your bag, purse, or pocket to look for them. Plus it’s molded in the adorable shape of a miniature camera.

You can get the Rule of Thirds keychain by making a minimum pledge of $15 on its Indiegogo page.