RuckStrap – The Fashion Conscious Camera Strap to Hold Everything 0

We’ve featured HoldFast Gear on the blog before with the gun slinger style MoneyMaker camera strap. Here’s another strap from HoldFast that, once again, is as stylish as it is useful.


RuckStrap is meant to be a strap that can carry everything you need for a day of shooting.  In addition to the camera, you can also strap in your drivers license, credit card, cash, memory cards, sunglasses, pens and extra batteries / film and I’ll bet a comb and a little Brylcreem as well..

Price and availability are unknown, the only info we’re given at HoldFast is ‘Releasing Soon’.  As this strap isn’t exactly new, perhaps it’s a work in progress or a future project.  Holdfast isn’t exactly a production warehouse so if the strap ever does become available, don’t expect large quantities available.