Rotobooth: The Next Generation Photobooth 0

If you think taking photos in a photobooth is fun, wait till you hear about Rotobooth. Created by Chris Bell, Liangjie Xia, and Mike Kelberman, Rotobooth takes picture-taking in a booth to the next level.

The Rotobooth is made up of a hacked rotary phone, an Arduino, and a Mac Mini; and it takes your pictures when you pick up the rotary phone and dial your 10-digit number. It then sends your photos to Flickr and the link of the photos to your phone via SMS. If you don’t want to give out your number, you can dial “0” to take your photo and then grab it at

The Rotobooth was created from the ground up at a PhotoHack Day 2 event in New York; and went home with the third prize out of over 50 other hacks.

The three guys are already planning to setup another one at a remote location.

What do you think? How would you like to have a Rotobooth near you?

[Rotobooth via PetaPixel]