Robbie Cooper Hunts Down Online Gamers for Alter Ego 0

Photographers can find inspiration from their everyday lives or from the subjects that they have chosen to shoot. For example, Seymour Templar chose to draw from how people communicated using their mobile phones in his project called “Social Lights.” Ted Sabarese wanted to show the connection (if ever there was one) between people and the fish they resembled in his photography project.

Then there’s Robbie Cooper‘s Alter Ego. I think his work is a bit like the projects of both photographers I mentioned earlier” he drew on how people perceived themselves in video games and how it resembled them in real life.

In Alter Ego, Robbie took portraits of the gamers and positioned them beside the avatar that the subject created of themselves for their games. It’s interesting to note that some male gamers chose female alter egos, while some decided to create leaner and powerful-looking versions of themselves in the virtual world.

Alter Ego

The shot above is particularly heart wrenching. I find it amazing how just one photo can manage to tell you so many stories and communicate with you in a manner where words can sometime fail.

You can view more photos from the Alter Ego series on Robbie’s website.

[Flavorwire via Peta Pixel]