Road to CES 2012: Nikon D4 updates, review, demo and hands-on videos 1

With CES 2012 fast approaching, Nikon fans and photo enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting for the official unveiling of the D4 DSLR camera–the latest flagship shooter from Nikon.

First off is the latest updates on the D4:

  • reported that the latest DSLR camera is going to start shipping on Feb. 16, almost one month after CES.
  • Sony launches the new XQD memory cards, which is an essential accessory for the Nikon D4.
  • Nikon announced the D4 in China. See photos of the event here.
  • A preview (shown below) of the Nikon WT-5 wireless transmitter on the D4.

The Nikon WT-5 wireless transmitter allows you to remotely connect the D4 to your iPad or iPhone devices. It gives you access to all the key camera settings, including the live view image, from your mobile devices. Watch the video below on what the WT-5 can do. has an early Nikon D4 review:

“Nikon appears to have created a formidable camera for its target audience of sports, news and reportage photographers. It may be 2MP shy of the 18 million pixel Canon EOS-1DX, but it has the flexibility of the DX crop for more affordable extra reach when necessary and greater AF sensitivity. This is combined with comprehensive video functionality, compatibility with the fastest available memory cards what promises to be superb ergonomics.”

You can view samples photos of the Nikon D4 shooting at ISO 12800 here. Additional photos can also be viewed here.

To whet your Nikon D4 cravings, here are some demo and hands-on videos for your enjoyment: