RIP Til, the Earless Bunny: Photographer’s Misstep Causes the Death of An Upcoming Star 0

In order to cover events without literally covering other people’s view of the event itself, photographers must learn to be “invisible.” This means that there should be no getting in the way, no stepping on other people’s toes, and definitely no damaging any goods at the event, especially the subjects that are to be shot.

In this case, a clumsy German photographer did all of these and failed to do his job when he took a step backwards and inadvertently trod on the three-week-old earless bunny named Til.

Til the Earless Bunny

The ironic thing is, the media was gathered at the Limbach-Oderfrohna Zoo in Eastern Germany for the purpose of introducing Til to the world. The mood after the bunnicide was somber, as the zoo had revealed that they had big plans for the tiny, adorable ball of fluff.

Zoo director Uwe Dempewolf said: “We are all shocked. During the filming, the cameraman took a step back and trod on the bunny. He was immediately dead, he didn’t suffer. It was a direct hit. No one could have foreseen this. Everyone here is upset. The cameraman was distraught.”

Zoo officials had slated Til for stardom, and many thought that it would eventually join Germany’s list of animal celebrities that include Knut the polar bear and Paul the octopus.

The moral to the story: always look before you leap, and tread very, very carefully – especially if you’re going backwards.