Ricoh Releases First GR DIGITAL IV Firmware Update 0

Manufacturers release updates for their cameras for various reasons. One is to correct any observed issues with regards to camera operation or functionality. Another is to add features or improve current ones with tweaks to the firmware.

The recent update for the Ricoh GR DIGITAL IV compact is a mix of all that and a whole lot more. Most photographers who are familiar with the manufacturer already know that they pay a lot of attention to customer feedback and do what they can to incorporate the comments and suggestions they receive into the updates for their shooters.

Ricoh GR Digital IV Firmware Update

The update for the GR DIGITAL IV is no exception. The update will enhance or add the following functions:

1. Adds Function for Including Copyright Notice

Inputted copyright information is recorded to the image’s Exif data when a picture is taken. Up to 46 alphanumeric characters can be recorded, and the information can then be checked in the detailed file information on the camera’s playback screen.

2. Improves Auto Exposure Speed

The speed of auto exposure control has been improved, making selection of the proper exposure smoother.

3. Adds Function for Saving Snap Focus Distance at Time of Shutter Release to the ADJ lever and Fn button

The snap focus distance at the time of shutter release can now be saved to the ADJ. lever or the Fn button. The setting can be changed without having to go the menu screen.

4. Adds Function for Displaying Photo Information for Interval Composite Photos

For photos taken using the Interval Composite mode, this function enables a display of shooting times from start to finish, as well as the number of composite images in the detailed information displayed on the playback screen.

5. Adds Floating Black level adjustment function for Interval Composite Mode Shooting

The “Floating black level adjustment” function can be turned On or Off (default setting is on); if set to On, it can reduce noise at high sensitivities.

You can download the GR DIGITAL IV Firmware Update here.

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