Revolve: The $70 Camera Dolly 0

Here’s something new to add to your growing wish-list of photography gear: the Revolve Camera Dolly; a Kickstarter project started by Jeremy Canterbury. It recently surpassed its funding goal of $7,500 — which means that full production will start soon.

The Revolve is like a pair of roller skates for your DSLR (or iPhone) which help you take stable shots on any surface. And there’s no reason to worry about durability; it can handle any rig you put on top of it because its platform is made from aerospace-grade aluminum.

The camera dolly also comes with optional accessories: like the rail kit, monopod, friction arm, ball head, and glif iPhone mount.

You can pre-order the Revolve camera dolly by pledging $70 or more to the project.

And with the money you’ll save by purchasing the Revolve early, you might want to invest in the not-so-cheap Kessler DSLR motion control rig. On the other hand, if you’re still looking for something economical, you could always just learn to build a rig.