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On April 24, 2014
Last modified:April 24, 2014


A top quality tripod in a small package. This tripod has a great feel and includes the little extras only found in high quality products.

I’ve had the MeFoto DayTrip Mini Tripod for several months now and had a good chance to build my opinion of it.  Simply put, I’m very impressed.  It’s a top quality tripod that doesn’t compromise features due to it’s small size. Read on for my full thoughts.

First Impressions

Compact Tripod

I don’t like to gush over products I review but I like this little tripod a lot.  When first thinking about mini tripods, I get initial associations to a cheap piece of plastic that is a compromise in every way.   Something that is sold to the unknowing amateur or impulse buying traveler.  I’m happy to see that this is not always the case, at least not with this tripod.  In fact, it couldn’t be further from the truth.  Firstly, the tripod appears extremely well built.  The build material is aluminum, so it is both very rigid and light.  Movement of the tripod legs is firm, but still very fluid and smooth.  The leg locking mechanism is simple and clever lacking anything to break or wear out.  It’s simple and elegantly built.  For full specs, check out the MeFOTO site.

What I Don’t Like

First, let’s get the negative things out of the way.  The little tabs to adjust the leg angle are a simple and elegant solution and something I hope remains on future editions of the tripod, but I can imagine the tab being hard to disengage at times if it were dirty, iced up or if you had very weak fingers.  The tab, or hold areas are quite small and it can be hard to get a good grip, especially if it is slightly stuck.  That out in the air, I’m not sure what else to gripe about.

tripod legs

What I do Like

There’s a lot I like about the tripod.  There are a lot of little features that at first glance one might not notice but make it very nice to use.   Little extras that you find on high quality gear.  Things like a bubble level under the quick release plate, easy adjustable legs, nice rubber on the ball head tightening knob, quick release plate, reversible center column, and a great color. Even though I griped about the locking mechanism on the legs, I still feel it is a simple elegant solution that isn’t going to break.

In Use

I really like the feel of this tripod.  Like I mentioned in the first paragraph, it has a solid fluid feeling.  A feeling that is hard to put your finger on what exactly it comes from, but feels great when a product has it.  Compare it to how a computer keyboard can feel ‘just right’ in how hard the keys need to be pressed, or the buttons on a cell phone, the click in a buckle.  There is a right and a wrong feeling to these things and this tripod has the right feeling.

tripod head

The tripod head allows for a quick release plate (included) and also features a small bubble level hidden underneath.


Should I Buy It?

If you are looking for a small tripod, then I’d have no hesitations in recommending the MeFOTO DayTrip.  At 1.8 lbs (816 grams) it won’t weigh down your bag and will give you a reach of up to 2 feet (60cm).  It has a lot of great features you’ll appreciate when you put the tripod to use.  So simple answer.. Should you buy it?  Yes.

A top quality tripod in a small package. This tripod has a great feel and includes the little extras only found in high quality products.