REVIEW: Fuji X-E2 And XQ1 First Impressions, Hands-Ons 0

Almost a week ago, Fujifilm unveiled their latest mid-tier interchangeable lens cameras: the Fuji X-E2 and XQ1. Both shooters are successors to the Fuji X-E1 and XF1, respectively.

Here’s an excerpt taken from the official press release of the Fuji X-E2:

As a leader in advanced digital camera technology and outstanding image resolution, FUJIFILM North America Corporation today announced the new FUJIFILM X-E2, a premium interchangeable lens camera featuring the latest generation 16.3 Megapixel APS-C X-Trans CMOS II *1 sensor and the segment’s fastest autofocus of 0.08 seconds*2 for a truly remarkable photographic experience.


And another one for the Fuji XQ1:

As a leader in advanced digital camera technology and outstanding image resolution, FUJIFILM North America Corporation today announced the new FUJIFILM XQ1, a premium pocket-sized digital camera with a bright FUJINON F1.8 4x zoom lens, an advanced 12 Megapixel 2/3″ X-Trans CMOS II*1 sensor with phase detection, and the EXR Processor II that delivers the world’s fastest autofocus speed in its category of up to 0.06*2 seconds.


Basically, both cameras come with faster image processors and Wi-Fi. If you’re thinking of getting either one or both of the new ILCs, then check out some of the early hands-on reviews and first impressions of the Fujifilm X-E2 and XQ1:

Fuji X-E2

Angela Nicholson of TechRadar:

“Along with many photographers, we liked the X-E1. It offers the same image quality as the superb X-Pro1 in a smaller body and has what we consider the more useful of the two viewfinders – the electronic finder, which has been improved so that it’s better in low light.”

Joshua Waller of ePhotoZine:

“Both the new screen, and the high resolution electronic viewfinder look very good when you are using the camera, and the built in eye-detection sensor means the camera will automatically switch to the electronic viewfinder when it held up to your eye. We will be putting the camera through our full review when production versions of the camera are available, and it will be interesting to see how the new camera performs, both in terms of improved image quality but also in terms of speed.”

Ming Thein of

“All in all though, the X-E2 is a solid upgrade from the X-E1 and lower spec X-mount cameras and quite possibly the best X-mount camera yet; one hopes that Fuji will fix the shutter button, and continue their track record of useful firmware updates to address some of the operational speed issues.”

Mike Lowe of Pocket-Lint:

“We’d still like a more capacitive battery on board, and that exposure compensation dial still isn’t immune from being knocked, but otherwise everything is a step forward. Big thumbs up then.”

First look video from the Fuji Guys:

Fuji XQ1

Andy Westlake of Digital Photography Review:

“It’s difficult to talk about the XQ1 without referencing the ‘shirt pocket’ enthusiast compacts it so closely resembles, most notably the Canon S-series PowerShots and the Sony RX100. There are plenty of other interesting cameras in this sector too, but it’s pretty clear that Fujifilm has taken a look the market and decided exactly where it’s targeting its new baby. The XQ1 looks like an interesting in-between option for users who want a larger sensor than the one in the S120 (and most of its peers), but can’t stretch to buying the RX100.”

Mike Lowe of Pocket-Lint:

“Sat back to back against its bigger brother X20 camera and it’s clear just how much smaller the QX1 is, as shown in our image gallery. Even though that comes at the expense of a viewfinder, main mode dial and other such controls we still think it’s a sensible prospect that’ll attract in plenty of photography lovers.”

Angela Nicholson of TechRadar:

“We’re pretty excited about the Fuji XQ1, it’s small enough to be fitted into a jeans pocket yet allows control over all the features that enthusiasts want and has a pedigree that indicates it will produce high quality images.”

Joanna Stass of Photography for Beginners:

“The inclusion of both auto and manual control mean it is a great investment for beginners looking to develop their photography skills.”

Mario Aguilar of Gizmodo:

“A Canon clone with better guts.”

First look video from the Fuji Guys:

The Fujifilm X-E2 digital camera is now available for pre-order at B&H for $999 (body only) and $1,399 with 18-55mm Lens, as well as the Fujifilm FINEPIX XQ1 at $499.