Researchers Embed Camera On Football, Take Sports Viewing To Another Level 0

NFL fans are going to love this! Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University and University of Electro-Communications in Tokyo have developed a football that carries a GoPro Hero camera inside. They call their invention, the BallCam.

I bet you’re already thinking, “How in the world is the ball going to shoot a decent video when it’s constantly spiraling up in the air?” And that’s where the brains of the researchers kick in. The group have developed a special computer algorithm that converts the original “spiral footage” into a more stable and eye-friendly version.

But don’t just take my word for it, you’ll have to watch the video (shown below) to appreciate the BallCam.

And if you’re asking why the football needs to be thrown in spiral, materials scientist Dr. Ainissa Ramirez explains why: “When we spin the ball, the ball acts like a gyroscope, and it’s able to hit its target with much more precision. Also, the spinning of the ball allows for less air-resistance, or less drag, so that it can travel to its destination even more quickly.”

It may be a while before we’re going to see such a technology in football games. But for those who are really interested to follow the BallCam’s development, the research paper is going to be presented at the Augmented Human International Conference on March 8 in Germany.

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