Researchers Discover New Way In Recharging Lithium-Ion Batteries in Minutes 0

One of the cons, if you call it that, of owning a camera is we all have to recharge its batteries for hours. But things may change in the near future as we may be able to charge our camera’s lithium-ion batteries in only minutes.

In South Korea, researchers at the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology recently discovered a way to trim down the charging time of a lithium-ion battery.

Current lithium-ion batteries are built in such a way that it charges from the outside in. That’s the reason why we have to wait for hours. The battery only becomes fully charged when it finally reached the center.

The South Korean researchers coated the battery’s nanoparticle materials with graphite. Then they carbonized it to create a dense network of conductors. The end result is that all parts of the battery is now charging at the same time.

This breakthrough is indeed good news to all camera owners because when this becomes available, we’ll have camera batteries fully recharged by the time we are finish taking a bath.

But in the meantime, we’ll still have to carry that handy DSLR Battery Holder.