Researchers Developing Ultra-HDR Wearable Cameras That Can See Through Super Bright Images 0

It seems that cameras are not only going to be used on reading thermal images. University of Toronto researchers, specifically at the EyeTap Personal Imaging Lab, have been working on a “quantigraphic camera” that allows the user to have enhanced vision even if the dynamic range of the object is very high. It basically means that any wearer of this ultra high dynamic range (HDR) imaging camera can see through any extremely bright images.

One good example of such scenario is during welding. Presently, a welder uses a helmet with very dark lens to protect his eyes from the sparks and from the incredibly bright welding arc. For that reason, the welder doesn’t always clearly see the object he is working on through the helmet.

If the helmet is going to use the ultra-HDR camera, the welder can now have the capability of seeing every detail of the welding process.

To fully understand the project, you can watch this video:

According to PetaPixel, this project will not only benefit the industrial sector:

In addition to having industrial applications, HDR vision might be useful for ordinary consumers, especially as we’re entering the age of augmented reality glasses.

[…] Even if ordinary consumers don’t find any value in this technology, it could one day be used to make life easier for those with vision problems.

How about you, what other uses do an ultra-HDR camera can be utilized for aside from welding?

[Eyetap via PetaPixel]