Researchers Developing Human-Like Robotic Camera Eyes 0

There’s no need to panic guys, robocalypse is not in the horizon, yet. Yes, Georgia Tech researchers have reached a breakthrough in creating a robotic mechanism that makes cameras move like our eyes.

To be able to copy the muscle movement of the human eye, the engineers used muscle-like actuators on the robotic camera.

According to Ph.D. candidate Joshua Schultz, one of the researchers, the project is part of an ongoing study in making robots move like humans. That area of robotic research is called compliance.

Georgia Tech researcher Joshua Schultz making adjustments to the robotic camera eye system.

Before you reimagine some movie scenes of theĀ  Matrix or the Terminator, read first the goal of the work: Schultz said that the research will help out in paving the way for the design of a more dynamic and agile cameras to assist doctors in medical surgeries and MRIs.

“There are a lot of us that think that compliance is the key to making medical devices more effective,” said Schultz.

Now all we need is some robotic high speed camera to complete the setup.