Report: Nikon D800E to Face Delays 0

No matter the product in question, it’s unfortunate when it faces delay. This may not be the end of the world when it’s something such as a video game or cellphone but when it’s a tool utilized in your profession, things may get a bit rocky. On that note, those who are highly anticipating the Nikon D800E may want to look away.

Hot on the heels of rumors that the Nikon D4 has been forced to see a delay come similar reports regarding the Nikon D800E. According to our sources, the D800E’s delay has been made known by way of an Amazon email. Apparently, those who had already pre-ordered the camera through the online mega-retailer have begun receiving emails saying the D800E’s release date has changed. Worst of all, it has apparently been changed to an unknown date, meaning there’s absolutely no telling when we will see it drop. Below is said email:


We’re contacting you again about your purchase of “Nikon D800E 36.3 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Camera (Body Only).” Unfortunately, we recently learned that the release date for this item has been changed again.

The manufacturer has changed the release date to an unknown date in the future, and we can’t provide an updated delivery date. You’re welcome to leave your order open, and we’ll ship it as soon as we receive new information from the manufacturer.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused by this delay.

Customer Service Department

Luckily, there is a ray of hope, depending on how you look at it. Thus far, Nikon has not stepped forward to confirm these reports, meaning they very well may be incorrect. On the other hand, they haven’t denied them either, making it just as likely that they are 100% correct. Whatever the case may be, we will continue to dig and if we come up with anything we’ll push it your way. In the meantime, perhaps you would like to check out some other cameras with more solid ship dates. If so, head here.