Remove Retro Filters On Photos With Anti-Instagram App Normalize 0

If you’re the type of person who already has enough of those retro-filtered Instagram photos, then join Joe Macirowski in making a change with his new app, Normalize.

Also dubbed as the literal anti-Instagram iOS app, Normalize allows you to restore the photos with filters to its original state. And get this: the app does not rely on any Auto Levels of Photoshop, or Magic Wand of Apple, the correction algorithm it is using is personally written by Macirowski.

According to its product description:

Normalize is the no-button solution to bad photos. No “Exposure” of “Contrast” sliders. No graphs. No color wheels. No confusing controls whatsoever. This isn’t like other “auto enhance” apps.

Some of its features:

  • Paste images directly into the app
  • Instantly see output without having to save or upload it anywhere
  • Loading and Saving to photos library fully supported
  • Tap to quickly see before/after
  • True universal support, all devices and all iOS versions (3 or greater!)

The Normalize app’s aim is not to dampen the popularity of Instagram or any retro-filter app, but rather, to correct the photos in order to enjoy its original beauty.

You can get the app via iTunes for around $1.00.