Reflex Lens Stool: A Big Canon Lens That You Can Really Sit On 0

If ever you fell head over heels over the giant Nikon Lens Lamp, then you’d probably going to feel the same way for the Reflex Lens Stool. Well, if you’re not picky with the branding, that is. Because the latter is inspired by a Canon lens.


The cool chair is made by the same company that brought us the Nikon lens lamp: the Monoculo Design Studio. It features a soft fabric top that is supported by a wood stool made by hand. The nifty furniture also doubles as a storage compartment.


And just like their previous creation, Monoculo is also tagging the Reflex Lens Stool with a hefty price tag. Well, just around $785. But, the buyer will have the bragging rights of being the only owner of a Canon-inspired lens chair from Monoculo. (Yes, there’s only 1 available.) If it’s not yet taken, that is.


[PetaPixel via Laughing Squid]