Redsnap: Triggertrap’s All New High-Speed Photography Trigger 0

Triggertrap has gone a long way since the released of version one in 2011. Then they’ve subsequently announced Triggertrap Mobile: an iPhone app in early 2012 and Android app+dongle in September of that same year.

This 2013, the Triggertrap team is proud to introduce the brand new Redsnap trigger.

What’s exciting about this new version of Triggertrap is that Redsnap is modular in design. It uses interchangeable sensor modules that you can snap on whenever the need arises, it’s 250 times faster than Triggertrap Mobile, and at least 40 times faster than the first version.

Oh, by the way, Triggertrap claims that the Redsnap can “run timelapses that last for months and months.”


If you’re already excited about Redsnap, hit the source link below to find out more information on their Kickstarter page. Make sure that you back the project in order to get one of the first Redsnaps.

And just like the Triggertrap v1, they’ve already hit Redsnap’s funding goal way before the deadline.