Redrock Micro Launches New Family microFollowFocus Units 0

Most of the breathtaking clips and stills you’ve seen were probably captured using tripods and rigs that help the photographer maintain a steady hand and get a good shot. An good example is Manfrotto’s Sympla video rigs for HDSLRs; another is the newly-launched family of microFollowFocus units from Redrock Micro.

MicroFollowFocus is the third generation of follow-focus units from Redrock. Described as a unique “back-to-new performance” adjustable gearbox, microFollowFocus features a new design that showcases a geared, precision-machined transmission with backlash-free performance.

Redrock Micro microFollowFocus

Some filmmakers have noticed that the focus ring spins freely when they shoot with HDSLR lenses, which makes repeatable focus extremely difficult. To address this, Redrock has released the microFollowFocus|blue, which introduces an adjustable ‘hard stop’ mechanism on the follow focus so that each of the lenses now have a hard stop.

Here’s a list of other features offered by Redrock’s microFollowFocus:

  • Reinforced, repositionable focus indicator for assistant or operator focus marks.
  • Add a second side wheel (‘studio mode’) at any time, or switch between single and double sided.
  • Works with both still and cinema lenses.
  • Several choices to match your budget and performance needs.
  • The confidence that your gear comes with a lifetime warranty and is made in the USA.

The microFollowFocus is available for sale online at Redrock’s site, and from authorized Redrock resellers worldwide. The microFollowFocus is priced at $595, the microFollowFocus|blue at $795, and the double-sided microFollowFocus|blue Studio at $1190.

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