RED Epic Drone Copter Films Ninjas Killing Each Other Off 1

Omstudios, a Berlin post-production and vfx studio, has recently filmed an amazing Ninja video using a $50,000 RED Epic camera attached to one of their own drone copters called the Omcopter.

The video — entitled “OMCOPTER – Ninja shoot with Epic” — features Ninjas fighting and killing each other in single combat.

By expertly piloting the agile drone copter, Omstudios delivered a high-quality video that you’d think was done by a major film studio.

Exaggeration aside, these kinds of camera rigs will soon become a staple in the world of video — especially with cameras like the Nikon D4, which you can already control remotely using a mobile device.

I think drone copters will make especially good camera rigs when shooting extreme adventure videos like Corey Rich’s Deep North video.

But what do you think? What other videos do you think are perfect for shooting with drone copters?