Real Life Instagram Camera Concept Design: Instagram Socialmatic 3

Since launching in 2012, Instagram has effectively taken the world by storm. This popular application started as nothing more than a way to quickly and easily apply filters to images taken with an iPhone. Today, the formula hasn’t changed much, but has grown to include many social aspects while recently expanding to the Android platform. As you’re sure to know, Facebook took quite a bit of interest in this model going on to purchase the company outright for a cool $1 billion. As of now, it’s not really known what Facebook plan to do with the app other than integrate it with their social network. And while this is great for Facebook users, what if they were to take the concept one step further and actually produce a real, tangible Instagram camera? Well, then they may come up with something like the Instagram Socialmatic.

The Instagram Socialmatic is how the masterminds over at ADR Studio think an actual Instagram camera would function. Quite obviously not targeted towards the professional crowd, the Instagram Socialmatic’s frontal design is a near exact replica of the app’s current logo. On its posterior, you can see that it features a large touchscreen where you can not only snap your photo but also add filters and share it via popular social networks.

Taking cues from Polaroid, the Instagram Socialmatic also features a built-in printer and 16GB of storage. And your snapped images can printed on sticky paper which can then be placed anywhere you want. The idea behind this is that the included QR code entice those passing by to scan it and follow you — definitely a cool concept that would allow aspiring Instagrammers to do a bit of guerrilla self-marketing.

Before you get too excited keep in mind that the Instagram Socialmatic currently exists as nothing more than a design concept by a studio not affiliated with Instagram or Facebook. On that note, it seems very unlikely that we will ever see such a device hit the market. This point is further supported by the fact that Facebook seems much more concerned with advertisement revenue than they are with revenue stemming from a tangible product. Of course, we have seen crazier things happen, but don’t hold your breath.

[ADR Studio via PetaPixel]