Quickly Switch Lenses With Nikon Lens Holster 0

In 2012, we’ve featured a Kickstarter project called Quikdraw, a camera lens holster that is worn around the belt. This year, another lens holster project is seeking funding from the photo community, and it’s simply called the Nikon Lens Holster.

Unlike the Quikdraw, the new holster features an adjustable strap, which you can hang around the waist or shoulder. Lenses are mounted by twisting them onto the circular lens mounts. To draw a lens from the holster, all you have to do is press down the lock button and twist.


As the name suggests, it’s a holster made specifically for Nikon DSLR camera users. Although, the project owner hints that he’s going to “expand to Canon as soon as possible.”

If the Nikon Lens Holster sounds like a nice addition to your camera gear, you can pledge at least $70 to grab one. But if you’re early enough, you can get the holster for only $55 with the project’s Early Bird Special promo.

[Kickstarter via Thephoblographer]