Quickly Draw Camera Lenses From Your Waist With Quikdraw 0

Last May, TogTech reviewed the SpiderPro Camera Holster System, which received a 5 star rating from Tyler.  And do you know what’s missing? Yes, a lens holster. Fortunately, that’s what Phoenix-based photographer Riley Kimball had in mind when he started the Quikdraw.

The Quikdraw — which I bet is inspired by the popular cowboy term — is basically a piece of equipment that is mounted on your belt that holds your lenses. It’s made from high strength plastic and aircraft aluminum. Its main purpose is to allow you to quickly draw, as the name suggests,  your lenses from the comfort of your waist — so no more fumbling around your camera bag.

The nice thing about the Quikdraw is that you can mount any number of this lenses around your belt, which, unfortunately, is not included when it becomes available. But the lens holster is designed to fit on any standard-sized belt.

Quikdraw is available to both the Nikon F and Canon EOS mounts. Kimball is currently raising some funds at Kickstarter. You can get one for yourself by pledging at least $80.

[Quikdraw via PetaPixel]