Pstick: Meet The World’s Simplest Camera Stabilizer 1

If you were intrigued or amazed with the bag of lentils camera stabilizer, you might also be interested with Pstick, a very simple stabilizer for any digital camera.

The Pstick was created by photographer and camera operator Stephen J. Payne. The idea of making his own camera stabilizer came out when he needed one for a project. When other camera operators found out about the Pstick, orders came piling up. With its sudden popularity among peers, Payne decided to manufacture and sell the Pstick to the public.

The Pstick is so simple that it only consists of a monopod with a weight at the bottom end to add mass and lower the center of gravity. If you’re the serious type of DIYer, you could easily think that you can create one for yourself just by looking at the product. But Payne said, “why would you, when mine is so inexpensive?”

Payne is selling the Pstick for $65 each. Although, you can get it at only $45 if you sponsor the project at Kickstarter.