Protect Cameras for Rugged Use 0

For the rugged, outdoorsy type – or just for those who really believe in protecting their expensive gear, there is an all-new collection of products out there. Made by Pelican, who specializes in providing watertight, crush-resistant, and vacuum-lock resistant cases, this line of electronic cases is made to be even more rugged than all others. Also helping keep your babies safe is a series of anti-scratch foam inserts, and a hard-backed cover, and stainless steel hardware. The newly-introduced Hardback Series was made to hold almost any size of flat electronics, such as your laptop or iPad.

However, Pelican has plenty of items to fit cameras and lenses as well. These heavy-duty cases are perfect for storing your camera and video camera equipment through rough conditions; Pelican cases can protect your gear through hiking, boating, and even SCUBA diving. Or if you’re worried about the sudden pressure changes from flying, the boxes are made with air adjusting valves to help equalize pressure. And with tens of sizes and dimensions, you can find a case to fit almost any lens, and if not, you can request your own.

While Pelican cases may be overkill for the everyday activity, what better way to protect your investments than with a case that is fully equipped?!