Pro Holder Gives GoPro a Safe Handheld Seat 2

Action sports enthusiasts across the board have gotten down on the GoPro craze capturing their crazy antics wherever they go. However, while this nifty little camera is capable of being securely attached to just about anything (with the appropriate mounts), using it in the palm of your hand is where things start to get tricky. Luckily, for folks looking to use the GoPro in such a way, a Kickstarter project has emerged looking to fill this void.

This project, dubbed the Pro Holder, is essentially a handheld mount for the Go Pro camera. Thanks to its lightweight aluminum design the Pro Holder makes it easy for GoPro owners to get creative shots that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to achieve. Furthermore, Go Pro users can also opt to slide in additional accessories such as an LED light box or secure the entire mount to a tripod. This makes it easy to go from scene to scene without having to remove the Go Pro from the Pro Holder. Seeing how the Go Pro is frequently used to capture high octane videography, this is a crucial selling point.

As of now, there has been $437 pledged of the necessary $10,000 with just 10 days remaining. Due to this, unless a boatload of GoPro users hop on board, it seems unlikely that the project will get funded. Luckily, that’s where you come in. For just $49 backers will get a Pro Holder made of impact proof plastic along with a floating wristband. Bump that pledge up to $89 and backers will get a Pro Holder made of aircraft grade aluminum for an even sturdier set up. Not convinced? Check out the video below showing off some of the shots that were captured using a GoPro coupled with the Pro Holder.