Print A Physical Copy Of Your Favorite Online Content With Oksu 0

We all know that cameras like Polaroid instantly produce a photo on the spot. But how about printing a copy of a digital content like your favorite webpage, Instagram photo, Youtube video, music, or an interesting link, and then share it to your friends offline?

You can now all do that with the concept gadget called Oksu. The digital data printer allows any user to print a part of any online material using a Z-Ink technology, which means no ink cartridge.

And if you think that’s what makes Oksu awesome, wait till you hear this: you can use the printed copy to open its content on a device. Yes, you read that right. Using NFC chip technology, you can tap the image on a tablet or smartphone and check it online.

But don’t just take my word for it, you need to see this video to really appreciate the cool concept of Oksu:

Too bad it’s just a concept product. 🙁

[Yanko Design]