Prinstagram Prints Out Your Favorite Instagram Photos 0

People are becoming increasingly vain these days, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing (unless of course, they go overboard, like take shots of their faces during funerals or at the altar–at someone else’s wedding!)

The reason is pretty obvious. Most mobile devices, such as the ever-popular iPhone, come with a built-in camera allowing people to take good-quality shots without owning a Point and Shoot or DSLR. It has also become easier to edit and add effects to these photos, either by placing the device in some sort of case or kit (like the Holga Lens Filter Kit or iPhone Lens Dial) or by using an app like Instagram.


Instagram is popular and widely-used for various reasons: it’s easy to add effects, it lets you share your photos with others instantly, and it’s free. You can conveniently view your photos online whenever you want, but now there’s a new type of service (that’s not affiliated with the app) that lets you take your photos with you anywhere by printing them out for you.


Prinstagram offers a variety of print jobs to literally make those memories last a lifetime: posters, mini prints, stickers, mini books, and tiny books. The prices for these prints range from $10 to $25, so if you’re thinking of giving someone a meaningful present this Christmas without having to break the bank, then this might be a pretty neat idea.