Pressure Sensitive iPad Stylus – Wacom Beware 0

When editing photos, I’m a die hard Wacom fan.  Recently Wacom released the Intuos5 which allows multi-touch; but, for on-the-go editing, I’m afraid the iPad still hogs more than its fair share of the market.  iPad stylus’ aren’t anything new, do a search on Amazon and you’ll get 7000+ results.  None of them are touch senstive though, Blue Tiger will be the first.

The stylus will work with the iPad 3 and talk over BlueTooth 4.0.  BlueTooth 4.0 means no annoying sync procedure, the device just connects and works, automagically.  The stylus features a few other well thought out features, like an LED that shows which color your painting with – check out the list and video below

  • Fast, simple bluetooth 4.0 technology does away with pairing.
  • Any application can take advantage of the features, but developers should use our free code to help them integrate.
  • Full pressure sensitivity.
  • Palm rejection capability.
  • Lights, buttons, music (ok, maybe not music).
  • Full details, name, pricing, etc coming soon.
  • Product will ship after FCC approval. If you’re a developer, the time to start testing is now.

[Ten One Design via @Rosa via Gizmodo]