Postagram: Postcard app 0

It was always eventually going to happen. You were going to decide that sending a postcard or two from whatever location is just too mind-bogglingly hard, and in essence, just waaaaay too much work overall. Never fear however, in order to flip the world of postcarding on its head, there’s an app called Postagram. Available for most smartphones, it allows you to simply use an image from your photo library and have it printed and delivered to wherever you want, and because smartphones are increasingly replacing pocket camera’s, this is a great idea.

I had a small chuckle to myself when I came across this app, mainly because sending a postcard is about sending a postcard, not skipping out on the hassle of doing so in the first place. However, anyone who thinks about the genius in play here will see how sending personalized printed post to loved ones and friends alike with minimal hassle is a very good idea… The prints look pretty good too, and the prices aren’t bad either, working on a top-up credit system that allows you to literally waste a small fortune sending cards to people for no reason whatsoever… but we like that.