Poly iPad App Lets You Polygonize Your Photos Easily 0

Have you ever wondered what you would look like if you were a character in a video game? I doubt that many people would take the time and effort to manipulate their photos using editing software to achieve that computer-generated effect. But if you have an iPad, then why not let the Poly app do it for you?

Poly iPad App

Poly is an iPad app by Innoiz  that lets you turn your pictures into a “geometric array of colors.” It was inspired by the triangulation that mathematician Boris Delaunay came up with in 1934. So what Poly does is polygonize your photos. In short, it strips your images down to the essentials, resulting in illusions of three polygons: triangles, prisms and pyramids. (In case your memory is rusty, a polygon is defined as a “closed broken line lying in a plane.”)

You can give Poly a go on your iPad by downloading it from the iTunes App Store, where it’s available for purchase for $0.99.