Polaroid Z2300 Instant Printing Digital Camera 1

In a day where digital reigns supreme and traditional film is largely pushed aside, companies like Polaroid are having trouble staying afloat. Luckily, it seems that the company is going back to their roots with the recently debuted Polaroid Z2300. This camera is largely your typical point and shoot but adds in a bit of instant printing flair – something the company has become very well known for over the years.

Of course, things have come quite a way since the days of Polaroid’s film fed instant printers as is made evident with the Z2300. This camera features a 10-megapixel sensor, 32MB of internal storage, included 4GB SD card and the ability to shoot 720p video. The real magic, however, is in the way it instantly prints photographs. Rather than what we’ve come to know from years of shaking an initially blank photo, the Z2300 opts for Zink technology. This technology utilizes small 2 x 3-inch pieces of paper that, when heated up, transform its embedded crystals into the necessary colors. It seems like a complicated process but according to Polaroid it should only take about one minute.

Price wise, we’re looking at $160 for the Polaroid Z2300 itself with a 30-sheet pack of Zink paper going for $15 and a 50-sheet pack for $25. Not too bad considering the novelty surrounding the camera that’s further boosted by its retro paint job. Expect to be able to get your hands on this nifty little device on August 15th of this year. Unless the Instagram Socialmatic manages to secure funding, the Polaroid Z2300 maybe the closest we’re going to get.