Polaroid Team up with The Impossible Project to Make Photography Fun Again 0

With all of the news and rumors flying around at warp speed over the last several days, it’s nice to see that some companies haven’t lost sight of the fun in photography (ok there’s not literally “fun” in “photography”, but you get my drift).

In an attempt to find some of that fun again – and maybe preserve some of the old Polaroid magic – Polaroid, along with The Impossible Project, have teamed up to release what they’re calling the Polaroid Classic line. The line will consist of 6 to 10 Polaroid Classic branded products, and starts off with a whimsical look back at some of the most classic polaroid camera designs of all time – in paper.

You guessed it, the first product is a DIY paper camera kit complete with 6 classic Polaroid camera designs. They don’t double as pinhole cameras the way Matthew Nicholson’s “Fauxleroid” Camera did, but to compensate Polaroid is including a set of faux mini-polaroids that develop when you rub them.

Sure it’s not high tech, doesn’t take an XQD card, or even pictures for that matter; but for those of us without a shot in hell of raising $6,000 for the new Nikon D4, this may be just the distraction we need.