Polaroid Partners With Socialmatic To Produce Instagram-Inspired Camera 1

Early last year, the Internet was abuzz over a conceptual camera called Socialmatic. Created by Italian designer Antonio De Rosa, the product became interesting to a lot of people due to its concept: a real-life Instagram camera where you can instantly print photos. It became so popular that De Rosa has decided to start and build the project.


And just recently, Socialmatic announced that they have signed a MoU Agreement with Polaroid. As a result of their deal, the camera is now to be officially called the Polaroid Socialmatic Camera.

“Socialmatic and C&A will work to finalize the MoU in a definitive agreement to make the Polaroid Socialmatic™ branded camera available to consumers in the first quarter of 2014. It will be distributed and produced by C & A Marketing, a noted leader in the camera accessory business,” according to their press release.


The main difference of the Socialmatic camera from your smartphone’s camera is in its capability of churning out filtered photos in an instant, much like a Polaroid camera.

Key features of the Socialmatic shooter is going to be announced in the coming months.

[Socialmatic via AppAdvice]