PocketWizard Plus III 0

The PocketWizard Plus III has just been announced and, if you are a PocketWizard fan, you should be excited.  This upgrade is the true follow up to the ever-popular PocketWizard Plus II.  PocketWizard also have the TT5 and TT1 units which provide TTL sync, but these new Plus III units, like their predecessor, are without TTL and are better off for it.  Reliability and simplicity is what’s in focus here. Don’t assume the Plus III is without features though; in terms of features, the Plus III is more like an old MultiMax unit on steroids than anything else.

Pocket Wizard Plus III

Shooting Modes

There are 6 shooting modes

  • TxRx, TxOnly, RxOnly – Send and Receive, Send Only and Receive Only – just like the Plus II units
  • LR – Long Range Mode : Double the range, half the sync speed
  • RP – Repeater Mode : One PW triggers the next which can tringer another etc.. in a relay. How many would it take to go around the globe I wonder… 🙂
  • HSR – High Speed Receive : Usually the triggers talk for a ‘while’.. this is shortened down to the minimum so you shoot up to 14.5x/second.

More Bonus Features

The Plus III’s slather it on with more features (yes please).

  • Back lit display
  • Many, many chanels (like the MultiMax – 32 to be exact)
  • Improved battery compartment
  • Two stage trigger button (like on a DLSR)… press half way to wake up a camera or focus
  • USB port for firmware updates (more tricks coming???), which can also be used as a power cord
  • Antenna is now packed into the case – this I like.
  • Battery Indicator
  • 4 Groups (A,B,C,D) to control 4 groups of lights.. turning them off and on


  • Everything is digital – digital buttons, lcd readout etc.
  • The Plus III now mounts ‘sideways’ as apposed to flat broad-side (menu side) back


Oh… did I mention it was cheaper than the Plus II units?  B&H currently has the Plus II selling at $169 while the Plus III units are available for pre-order at $139.  I’m guessing the Plus II units may be a bit of a hard sell 🙂

Plus III Eye Candy

A super walk through of all the features and changes from Fstoppers

A bit of a sales pitch and infomercial – but informative – from Mark Wallace on PocketWizardVids

A 1 min commercial style vid from Gregor Wallace on PocketWizardVids

Behind the Scenes with Joe McNalley, again, from the PocketWizardVids channel


The PocketWizard Plus III is already available for pre-order at B&H Photo for $139.