PocketWizard Outs Budget-Friendly PlusX Transceiver 0

For those looking for an affordable wireless flash and camera trigger, PocketWizard might just have granted your wish. The company has recently announced the new PlusX transceiver.

pocketwizard plusx 1 PocketWizard Outs Budget Friendly PlusX Transceiver

The PlusX features an “Auto-Sensing Transceiver Technology” that automatically switches between transmit and receive. It also has 10 radio channels, which you can set using a rotary dial. It retains the same side-profile design of the PocketWizard Plus III radio. The PlusX uses an internal antenna for less obstruction and more durability.

pocketwizard plusx 2 PocketWizard Outs Budget Friendly PlusX Transceiver

Here are the key features of the PlusX:

  • 10 Channels
  • Backlit Channel Dial
  • Internal Antenna
  • Easily Connected / Cable Port
  • Auto-Sensing Transceiver
  • Auto-Relay Mode
  • Status Indicator/Battery Life Indicator
  • Transmit Only Mode
  • Range and Reliability
  • Ultra-fast microprocessors

The PocketWizard PlusX is expected to become available for consumers at the end of this month with a price tag of $99.

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