Pixelstick Takes Light Painting To The Extreme 0

Ah, light painting, the photo trick for those who’d like to have their name “hand drawn” in a cool image, which could easily be the envy of your friends who doesn’t even know what long exposure means.

The technology used by artist Georges Demeny hasn’t evolved that much when he first discovered light painting in 1889. Yes, it’s that old. Cool, right?

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However, Bitbanger Labs thinks it’s time to up the ante in light painting art. Hence, the Kickstater project called Pixelstick, which sounds almost like pixel trick. It’s basically a stick that displays pixels.


The light painting device is so amazing that I won’t have to explain it myself. Just watch the video below to be blown away:

Finally, you don’t need to become a master light painter to get the result that you desire. Just churn out an image from Photoshop and then run it through Pixelstick via SD card.

pixelstick-art-3 pixelstick-art-2

Yeah, you still need to know about long exposure, by the way.

And if you eat multiple long exposures like breakfast, you can take Pixelstick one step further and produce animated light painting like the one featured above this post, and this one:


Head out over to Kickstarter to get your Pixelstick at the pledge of at least $300.


The project has more than doubled its funding goal within a week. It means you’ll be receiving your Pixelstick by early next year, if ever you’ll pledge.

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