Picosteady Keeps Your Shots Steady On The Cheap 0

Picosteady takes most of the features of a camera stabilizer and puts them into an incredibly small, bite sized package. Not only is it small but the makers of Picosteady assure us it will work with a wide array of different cameras ranging from DSLRs all the way down to camera phones such as Apple’s iPhone. This is made possible by the included 1/4-20 thumbscrew for more traditional cameras along with a universal smartphone holder for, well, smartphones. Couple that with a counter weight and comfortable handle and you have yourself a practical lightweight stabilizer.

Picosteady has yet to reach its funding with $4,669 out of the$15,025 needed. Luckily, there are 30 days left for you to make a pledge and secure your own Picosteady video camera stabilizer. Currently, the cheapest way to get a Picosteady is by pledging at least $139 to the Kickstarter project. In fact, this seems to be the best way to secure a Picosteady as the makers tell us the price will be boosted up to $179 if/when funding is successful and the product is sent to market.