Photorito Lens Wrap Lets You Protect Your Lenses In A Delectable Package 0

Now who, in this world, doesn’t love burritos? My love for this traditional Mexican dish is so deep, that I’ve named my mixed Pomeranian pup Burrito–but that’s a whole different story.

Apparently, someone out there shares the same love I have for burritos and for lenses, because that’s probably what fueled the creation and eventual production of the Photorito.


The Photorito is a lens wrap that was created with a fusion of elements of food and photography. All you have to do is put your lens in the middle of the padded sleeve, and fold the entire thing as you would fold in a burrito. The built-in band will then “hug” your lens inside and keep it all snug and safe inside the neoprene cushion.

Even though the Photorito looks like a novelty item, you can be rest assured about the quality, because the outer part is actually made of┬ásuper-tough Tyvek. I didn’t really know what this material was, so a quick search revealed that this lightweight material is chemical and tear resistant and has a class A flammability rating. And I think that’s good enough for me–and my lenses.

So how cool is it, that you can keep your camera inside the Cam Crate (which happens to look like a lunch box) and wrap your lenses in the Photorito (which, as you already know, happens to look like a burrito)?

These yummy-looking lens wraps are available from Photojojo for $20 each.

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