How A Photographer Improved His Productivity By Ditching A Dual Screen Editing Setup With A $1,400 34-Inch LG Monitor 0

Robbie Khan, a professional photographer specializing in wedding and portraiture, took the plunge by investing (without regret) on a monster 34-inch 34UM95 LG monitor (3440×1440) that comes with a monster price tag of £830 (~$1,400 USD). His old setup for editing photos consisted of a Dell U2412M 24-inch (1920×1200) and Dell U2713HM 27-inch (2560×1440).

Khan's Dell Monitors

Khan’s Dell Monitors

After using the 34UM95 LG monitor, which was imported from Germany, Khan says that the 34-inch display screen “is truly excellent for all manner of uses.”

“If you’re like me and love to edit on as much screen real-estate as possible, then this may be just the ticket. Multiple Photoshop and Lightroom windows open at the same time without much sacrifice on the screen workspace, less power consumption, less heat generation and a sleeker looking workstation are just a few of the benefits to be had,” writes Khan on his article on Petapixel.

LG-34UM95-monitor-1 LG-34UM95-monitor-2 LG-34UM95-monitor-3

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