Photograph the Night Sky 0

If you’ve spent any amount of time appreciating a night sky, you’ve probably wished you could capture it through the lens of your camera. Thanks to a few tips from Wired, we don’t have to leave photographing solar masses out of our skill set.

Getting started, this is what you’ll need

  • A digital camera that lets you control the exposure and focus settings manually.
  • A telescope
  • A camera mount for the telescope
  • A tripod

If you’re OK with star trails you are set with the above equipment.  If you want to step things up a notch and have still-looking starts you’ll have to get an equatorial mount and a motor drive.  Another way to shoot on the cheap, however is to use binoculars

There’s a cheap and easy way, too. Depending on your camera lens size, you try holding a pair binoculars or a spotting scope (and probably even a telescope) lens over your camera lens for ad-hoc closeups of objects.

Check out the full walk through and equipment list on Wired.

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