Photoblocker Beer Cooler Flashes To Block Your Photos 0

Most people these days already have Facebook accounts. The site’s popularity has already given rise to some “horror” stories, such as prospective employers stumbling upon photos that were never meant to be seen (or taken) at all.

You can prevent this from happening by doing one or all of the following: a.) wear a mask whenever you’re heading out; b.) duck or cover your face whenever someone’s taking a photo; c.) do nothing and let the Photoblocker Beer Cooler do all the work for you.

So what exactly is the Photoblocker? It’s actually a beer cooler that emits a flash whenever it detects the distinctive flash of a camera. As a result, the photo is ruined, you get to keep your job (and friendships and relationships intact), and everyone’s happy.

However, the Photoblocker doesn’t work against cameras that don’t flash, like the ones on the iPhones prior to the 4 and 4S versions. So if someone took a shot of you using Instagram (which happens to be this year’s iPhone App of the Year, by the way), then you’re pretty much doomed.

The people behind the Photoblocker Beer Cooler are the creative and zany folks from Argentinian ad agency Del Campo/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi as part of an ad campaign for Norte Beer, a South American brewer.

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