Photo Police : An App for Sleuthing Edited Photos 0

Photoshopping is so common, like Google, it has become a verb.  There are countless sites devoted to teaching Photoshop creating an army of very skilled image editors smothering the ‘net with images which border on reality.

Photo Police is an app for Mac which helps you find editing inconsistencies in a photo, exposing the edited bits for the truth within.  The App proclaims to be able to achieve the following

The application can detect the following changes:
-Blurring of wrinkles and acne removing;
-Deleted or modified objects in the photo;
-Hidden image in photo.
Any other intervention in low-bit pixel data of images.

The reviews in the AppStore appear quite negative but TUAW had good results with the App.  For $1.99, it’s cheap enough to find out for yourself.

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